Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mystical Beginnings


New Work in Progress.  Day one, three layers.

I did a little cleaning up in the studio today before starting this new painting.  Rummaging through some old drawings I found this poem I wrote 20 years ago.  It feels fitting for today, 

Artist's Poem

Once here was a drop of rain,
and the raindrop fell to earth and became a feather.
And the feather grew wings to become a bird.
The bird flew great distances and became the wind.
The wind touched the ground and became a woman.
The woman, remembering how to fly, became a dancer.
And the dancer in her grace became a song.
The song was of mystical beginnings rolling through time,
sung by millions of voices.
The voices sang to an unborn child.
The child was born and forgot the song.
But when the child drew pictures, music filled her head.

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