Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meet the jotbOts

I'm finally getting around to introducing my new friends!  The jotbOts have been my faithful companions through these final days and weeks and months of Wisconsin winter and cabin fever.  They are all inspired by the creatures of the county,  Door County that is.  Some are wild and some are domesticated, but they are all one of a kind handmade and upcycled by yours truly!

Ms Harriet puppets in production

Mr Bixby is a squirrel

Large faces, for my super sized Jackal pillows

The jotbOts production is a many faceted endeavor, it starts with sketching, painting, cutting and arranging, followed by sewing and (sometimes) stuffing.  If it's a shirt it gets sewn on clothing, if it's a puppet it gets a handle or pocket or strings.  Some even turn into paintings and prints.

Francis Fox on Holiday with her handstitched monogrammed luggage  

Chicken Jo plush hanging out with a Chicken Jo framed print

Running an eco friendly business is very important to me.  The fabrics are all recycled, from vintage clothing, upholstery materials, and unused old fabrics.   I'm always on the hunt for fabulous treasures that someone else considered junk.  My clothing is vintage and recycled as well as sustainable organic tee shirts.  I stuff the plush with filling made from recycled plastic, as well as shredded scraps.   I prints with recycled ink cartridges on paper made from recycled content.  Even my new tags are printed on recycled cardstock.

Eco stuffing made from 100% recycled plastic

gathering recycled materials and putting together some critters

jotbOt clothing is made from high quality recycled, vintage and eco friendly organic cotton lines

They have names, and stories.  I'm hoping one day there will be puppet shows and illustrated books.  The jotbOts have only just begun!  They launch on my Etsy Shop, Brilliant Stranger on April 1st.

March Hares in time for spring!

These puppets and buzzing with excitement

I thought I heard Ragtime in the middle of the night... these guys never rest!

There's a jotbOt for everyone in every size and price range.

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