Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sentient Speech

Today it occurs to me that the language of the Sentient Beings has to be poetry

Work in Progress:  "Chances of Drowning"

But I argue, "I'm not a poet."  
Well, I'm not a good one.
I don't know what to do.

"A Pigeon Post."

Just sit back
and listen

In progress: "A Hurricane Steed."

So I try it.
And I think, "Yes!  That's how they come to me!"
All I have to do is let the words come to me, just like the pictures.

"Secret Substitute Smell"

You're Still Talking

"City Jackal"

So I sit back.
Two words, that's all.
Just two words.
Over and over.

In Progress: "Fare Well"

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sentient Beings among the Humans

The world of the Sentient Beings has always been here. 

It's just that we don't always see.

The Sentient Beings were in danger of becoming invisible to all.  Jackal turned himself into a man, and tried to convince the people that these beings exist, are all around us.

Jackal can still be recognized by the hole where the moon jumped through him.

When Jackal vanished from the Sentient Scape, the introvert traveled to earth to find him.

It was all quite a mess for awhile.  Most humans mocked Jackal for his outlandish stories, and they could not see the world he pointed out to them.
The Introvert landed in a dark alley far from her intended destination and found herself alone in a hostile world.

And Masquerade knew this was his moment, his one chance to accomplish plans, plans that were born out of greed and fear.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


  1. 1
    a false show or pretense.
    "his masquerade ended when he was arrested"
    synonyms:pretensedeceptionposeactfrontfacadedisguisedissimulationbluff, play-acting, make-believe;
    "he couldn't keep up the masquerade much longer"

  1. 1
    pretend to be someone one is not.
    "a journalist masquerading as a man in distress"
    synonyms:pretend to be, pose as, pass oneself off as, impersonate, disguise oneself as
    "a woman masquerading as a man"

He carries a large machete, and hides his stick behinds his back.

What is he hiding?  And how does he fit in with the sensitive and benevolent Sentient Beings?  This character, "Masquerade" has enough pernicious qualities to make us all worried.  He pretends to be much more dangerous than he is, but he is more dangerous than most.  What stories lie behind the pretense of this creature?  They will unfold, when Masquerade confronts the Jackal about her own secrets.
Masquerade meets Jackal in two lifetimes, once before she has met The Introvert, and once after.  As you can imagine, the results are completely different.  Two identical encounters with vastly different results.  

I hope you are enjoying the story of the Sentient Beings.  This story has no beginning and no end, so you can join in at anytime.

You can also follow the story of Jackal, the Introvert and Masquerade on facebook or Instagram, where I sometimes post as I go along.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Jackal Meets Man

The Sentient Beings: Jackal and the Story of Intuition

Jackal lives her life with few enemies and becomes a trusting soul.

Jackal meets man, and wants to play.

When close, she senses something dangerous, and backs off.  
In another lifetime Jackal was a human.  
She knows the ways of man, but unaware of her memories, she relies on her senses.

Sensing something more, she backs away.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

From Dreaming to Dancing

More Jackal... she is Dancing Jackal, after a long journey via magic arrow.   
During the long and reckless journey she is pierced by the arrow
 and has to land in a canyon where there is no escape. 
Dancing Jackal does not have the patience and reserve that Dreaming Jackal has, 
but she shines like the moon.

          While trapped in the canyon, with only a few hours of sunlight, 
           Dreaming Jackal noticed the light of the moon during the dark night, 
and became greedy for more.
This makes Dreaming Jackal a servant of the moon.

She tried to jump through the moon, but the moon jumped through her.

After the moon jumped through Jackal she glowed all night and hid in a cave all day.
Now she is  trapped in darkness all day long.

Having suffered many days in darkness Jackal became frustrated with the the silence,
and learned to play the rhythms of the moon.

I hope you are enjoying the story of the Sentient Beings.  This story has no beginning and no end, so you can join in at anytime.
These are drawings from my sketchbook; some will be made available as prints on Society6 
at Dawn Patel Art:

You can also follow the story of Jackal on facebook or Instagram, where I post as I go along.

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