My name is Dawn Patel, and I am visionary painter and a self taught seamstress. I live in a humble little house in the country where my life is full of the riches you can't put a price on... walks in the woods, loved ones close and far, bird songs, fields of wildflowers and hours and hours of creative inspiration.

I love designing clothes that make people feel free, playful and alive the minute they put them on. I immerse myself into everything I make, treating each individual project like it is a precious creation. I hope to imbue each piece with humor, love and a delight for the natural world. That is why my materials are carefully chosen for their earth-friendly characteristics as well as the way they look and feel.

When I'm not making clothing or exploring nature I love to dig deeply into my subconscious and paint. I believe these moments provide the energy and inspiration that drives everything I do. It is my healing time, as well as my time to discover myself. I paint these solely for a love of the process and a deep need to continue, but I love to share them with people who connect with the imagery and elements in my work.

The name Brilliant Stranger came from a dream. To me it means there is potential in the unknown. When we meet a stranger, have a new experience, or visit a strange land… the possibilities for learning, growing, loving and living are always there. Perhaps the most important stranger we meet in this lifetime is the one in the mirror. Realizing our own brilliance only makes us shine brighter and light up the world around us.

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